Christmas cheer

I’m listening to Christmas music; planning Christmas week menus with all my kids’ favorites; dogs are curled up at my feet; tree is up, presents are wrapped: who says the season is all hustle and bustle? I have scaled back this year, planned to focus on a few things rather than many…maybe it’s about seasonal survival, but it feels right. Maybe it’s some social response to knowing that this season, for many, is difficult. But mostly, I want to focus on the real and the good, rather than the tinsel and noise. We’ll have gifts and celebration, but the memories will be of games, good food, fun movies, eight month old Riley, and the rest of us as we share and spend time together. Norman Rockwell? Not even close! But real and meaningful? I hope that’s exactly what it will be.

And just in case I’m distracted and busy for the next couple of days, Merry Christmas! I wish everyone joy, health and peace.

4 thoughts on “Christmas cheer

  1. What a wonderful perspective on the season. You are truly a blessing to your family. Reminds me of a short vignette between father and daughter….”I wish you enough” …. I’m sure you can find it on the internet, if interested.


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