Scary week

Baby Jack gave us a scare this week. It started out as a cold, nothing serious. Stephanie took him in for a check on Monday and was reassured…nothing to be alarmed about. By Wednesday morning he wasn’t eating and his breathing was labored at times. His noon appointment at the pediatrician’s office turned into an ambulance transfer to the emergency room, then a second ambulance transfer to a neonatal intensive care unit. The diagnosis was pneumonia, caused by RSV.

A few days on oxygen and he’s doing better…eating again, respiratory rate is stable again, and hopefully he’ll be released early next week. Rob and I go down on Tuesday, and I can’t wait to see him. This little guy has stolen my heart…well, he had it from birth. And after this week, I’m ready to see him in person.

Baby Jack

Baby Jack

26 thoughts on “Scary week

    • Thank you! Yes, all is well. Jack is home and eating like a little piglet! It was a frightening experience for the family, but he sailed right through it! Here’s hoping there’s no repeat. ~ Sheila


    • Thank you! He’s been fortunate. I’ve heard that sometimes babies are in for extensive hospital stays with this virus. The NICU team has been wonderful and supportive. We are so relieved and grateful! ~ Sheila


    • Thank you MJ! He’s doing much better. It was truly frightening how quickly he went down, but he seems to be coming back with equal speed. We are so grateful to the wonderful NICU staff that has taken great care of him. And yes, I’ll be cuddling soon! ~ Sheila


    • Thank you Anna! You really know what this experience is like, even more than me as you saw it firsthand, and as a mom. I remember seeing your FB posts about Timofei. So glad your story had a happy ending!
      It’s been hard to be at such a distance through this. I think Stephanie has her first gray hairs, courtesy of last Wednesday! But Jack is recovering, thank God and good medical care! ~ Sheila


  1. So glad that Jack is improving. That truly was an awful scare for everyone. I can just imagine that you cannot wait to get your hands on him again! Safe travels to you and continued healing for Baby Jack!


    • Thank you Dianna! He ate 4 oz last night and is smiling at everyone…great signs that he’s getting well. The staff at the NICU has been wonderful and reassuring. Makes me want to give them a big hug! But hopefully he’ll be released by the time we get to Seattle. ~ Sheila


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