Now I know: I’m a conjunction

Here’s a fun piece, heard this recently at a meeting. Turns out I’m a conjunction. See where you fit in the parts of speech.


People play roles in society in the same way that words play roles in sentences.
Some people are nouns.  They retain their identity no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Some are prepositions.  They are trendsetters.

Some are verbs.  Their identity comes from what they do.

Some are adverbs.  They get their kicks by being around or witnessing the action.

Others are adjectives.  Their identity depends on who they are around or what organization they belong to.

Some are pronouns.  They have no identity of their own; they just mirror the styles and beliefs of others.

Some are conjunctions.  They are the peacemakers who bring other people together.

Some are articles.  Their identity is based on what they own.

Some are interjections; always interfering in other people’s business.

And some are exclamations.  They don’t accomplish a whole lot, but they make a lot of noise doing it!
~Richard Showstack