The sale of the house was final today. We have it for another week, but as of today, we’re guests, not owners.

It feels good to be done and ready to look toward next. I wish we hadn’t lost money on the sale, but it was time to make this change.

For now work will continue to be in SE Alaska, and home will be ??? Working part time allows for travel and wandering, discovery and the unexpected.

I’m spending next week finishing the packing, selling some things, organizing for storage. I should be feeling unsettled, but instead I feel on the brink of adventure.

It’s a good day, and a good place to be, and I’m going to sleep soundly tonight.

17 thoughts on “Closed!

    • Thank you! Yes, that’s just what I feel, relief and excitement. There’s a wee small bit of sadness, but that’s the way I always feel about houses I’ve loved. Still, it’s the right decision, to move on, and I am genuinely ready for “next.” ~ Sheila


    • Thank you! Yes, I’m looking forward to some dreams! I can’t wait for the weekend, when the work of the big move is done and I can catch my breath and sleep in for a change. But I expect you remember just how I’m feeling at the moment! You did this not so long ago! ~ Sheila


    • Thank you! I’m so looking forward to Saturday! Going to sleep in for sure! Rob is on call for the little clinic where he works relief, and I’m doing NOTHING. So ready for a day to just be! ~ Sheila

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    • Thank you! Yes, sometimes it’s good to have a door close and just know that some things are not meant to be! Well, we’ll see where this move takes us…who knows, maybe there’s something in store we haven’t even thought of yet! ~ Sheila

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    • Thank you! Yes, that’s what I hope. And I’m particularly excited to see what the unexpected and unknown future will bring. We’ve never quite done it like this…just stepped off into the abyss without a solid plan. But we’re at a stage in life that allows us to do this with minimal risk, so why not?! ~ Sheila


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