To market, to market…

Back in July I posted some photos of black bears that were fishing in one of the coves south of Ketchikan. That location is about seven miles out of town, and those bears were behaving just as bears should. But they do wander into Ketchikan, too, and when that happens, you may see something a bit out of the ordinary.

Check out this little guy:

Don’t worry, he was released after his venture into the produce aisle!

8 thoughts on “To market, to market…

    • Hey, it was unusual for us too! Fun to see! I’ve seen a lot of deer and elk in the past in Colorado, and I saw a bear there outside my house once. But I never saw an animal in the grocery before.



    • Well, to be honest, I think a bear in the market was a first here too! But there are a lot of black bears around, and this little guy was just hungry and curious. Fun to see him checking out the veggies!




    • Yes, and apparently the little guy was just released. I wish the animal control people had done something to determine if the cub is an orphan. I’m concerned that he won’t make it through the winter without his mom. Fun to see the video! This was unusual, even for Ketchikan.

      Thanks! Sheila


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