Number 200!

I realized when I was looking at the dashboard for my blog that this will be post two hundred I’ve published since last October. I don’t post every day…only about 165 short of that mark! But still, two hundred posts…that’s a lot of words.

I want this blog to be a lens for viewing the positive and uplifting moments in life. I also celebrate humor, comfort, joy…all things wise and wonderful. The best things that have come from blogging in the past year?

  • Exercising my creativity
  • Finding the discipline to work on this project
  • Learning new skills and technology
  • Meeting new friends via WordPress and reconnecting with others
  • Finding all sorts of resources for whatever I’m writing about – the Internet never ceases to surprise me!
  • Being inspired, amused, touched, challenged, amazed by others – there are so many wise, clever, and incredibly funny people in the blogosphere.

So for this little milestone I’m sharing some of my favorite new quotes…oh, there’s a never-ending supply! These are a nice sampling of wisdom, humor, and cleverness. (All images from Pinterest.)




20111020-231624.jpg                                         20111020-231642.jpg


13 thoughts on “Number 200!

  1. Sheila, congratulations on your 200th posting. I have enjoyed reading every one of them and I look forward to being encouraged and inspired by many more. Keep looking for those grace notes!


  2. Way to go! 200 blogs is great. I started with the concept of daily blogging but ran into a few days of no internet service. My next blog was even better, so I’ve been letting mine marinate a little before jumping on the send button. Yours are great every single time, so you must be wiser than me! And you are MOM, right! LOL


    • Hmmm, doubt that I’m wiser! My personal goal has been to blog weekdays and take weekends off, but sadly, real life frequently interferes! I felt frustrated for a while, but then I realized I was the one who self-imposed the timing expectation, and I think turning blogging from an enjoyment to another daily chore robs it of joy. So I try to be somewhat regular, but not fixated on a daily post.

      By the way, just subscribed to your blog today. Should have done it already, had just been going to your site to read. Now I won’t miss anything!

      Happy weekend!



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