Do you know “Pandora?”

This is a great find my husband showed me a couple of years ago. For anyone who loves music, lots of different types of music, there is a fabulous free internet radio site, “Pandora,” to enjoy. To explain more fully, this from Wikipedia:

Pandora Radio is an automated music recommendation service and custodian of the Music Genome Project. Users enter a song or artist that they enjoy, and the service responds by playing selections that are musically similar. Users provide feedback on approval or disapproval of individual songs, which Pandora takes into account for future selections.”

In case you are not in the know, you can download Pandora for free on your computer, your phone, and if you have internet access through your television (don’t ask me the exact details), your tv. You sign up for an account, which is also free, and then you begin to build stations unique to your taste by selecting songs or artists you like. If you have more than one application the account will be updated, so anything you choose in one environment will show up in others. How cool is that?!

There is a wide range of music available, everything from classical to country to pop to religious to seasonal…you get the picture. I can’t promise that they have every song ever recorded, but I would guess most are available.

There is a paid subscription option to Pandora, but honestly I haven’t felt the need to do that. The free site is great and works like a charm. I love technology! (At least sometimes!)

7 thoughts on “Do you know “Pandora?”

  1. Thanks for the post, Unfortunately the service is not offered outside of the US… I’ll have to wait till they settle their legal issue to test this. I’ve tried Shazam ( in the past. Shazam can identify a song which is being payed and add it to your favorite list. It did a good job in for music written in the last 50 years but not classical…


    • Hey, thanks for your comment. I hope you are able to access Pandora soon! I also like Spotify, which is a little different radio service, but good too. Maybe Spotify is available where you live? Good luck! Can’t have too much great music in life! ~ Sheila


  2. I absolutely ❤ Pandora!
    I've been listening to Pandora for years, even before the mobile application was offered.
    It's literally the BEST way to discover new music.
    It has definitely improved the quality of life for me. 🙂


  3. I discovered Pandora about a month back.Luuurvvv it so much.I’ve already found a staggering amount of great new music in such a short time.And yeah, most of the time the recommendations are so spot-on it’s uncanny!!:)I’ve almost stopped listening to my CDs!I just put on Pandora and study – works like a dream!!


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