Jackson Robert Kessler: Welcome to the World!

Baby Jack and Stephanie

This beautiful little boy arrived last night. He’s a wee bit early…wasn’t scheduled to be here until mid-January. But maybe he just didn’t want to miss out on the Christmas festivities. And at 7 lbs, 9 0z, and 20 inches, maybe he didn’t need to wait any longer!

Jack joins big sister Riley, and proud parents Stephanie and Matt. What a joy, and a wonderful affirmation that life is amazing!

And now I am “Gram” to two! Thank you, Stephanie, for this precious gift to all of us.

18 thoughts on “Jackson Robert Kessler: Welcome to the World!

  1. Oh, Sheila…our children’s children are indeed treasured gifts from The Giver. Little Jack is precious and his mommy is beautiful…two sweet souls. That momma/son bond is something special for sure! Congratulations to all!


    • Thank you Ann! Yes, I’m excited that Stephanie will experience being mom to a little boy…so different from the mother/daughter experience. We are so blessed with this new little addition. ~ Sheila


    • Thank you! Yes, he’s a great size…good as if he was a full term baby! Her first one spent a week in the neonatal intensive care, she was five weeks early and a lot smaller…so it’s nice that baby Jack will have an easier beginning! ~ Sheila


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