One year old today

A year ago I posted my first blog. This little milestone is particularly meaningful to me because this has been the most challenging year of my life. I’d never thought about blogging until October of last year, and within a couple of weeks of deciding to try it, I was up and going.

20111025-200343.jpg There are a number of sites that offer free blog hosting, with a variety of support and features built into the programming. I use, but this is only one of many options. The point is, you too could start a blog. You can write about anything, as often as you want. You can spend a lot to add bells and whistles, or pay no money at all and still create a site with a professional appearance.

Blogging can be a digital diary, but it can also be much more. I’d be willing to bet that there’s no subject you could name that doesn’t have at least one blog devoted to it. There are photo blogs, list blogs, aggregate blogs. Endless variety!

My goal this next year is to migrate my blog to, the sibling of The .org platform requires more user knowledge, and you pay a fee for a web hosting service. But the .org platform offers other possibilities, and I’m ready to explore the next steps.

I also want to attend a blog trade show. I know, I know, there’s a lot of noise and chatter at these types of events. But I don’t know what I don’t know, and I think it would be entertaining, at least, and possibly instructive, to see what exists in the blogosphere that I haven’t stumbled across yet. I’m pretty sure there’s enough to fill a convention hall or two. My usual method of discovery, accidentally tripping over something online, typically while looking for something totally unrelated to my real find, is just not efficient.

I don’t have a clear plan in mind for “next.” Mostly, I’m just curious about what I can do. The reality is that this little blog has played an important role in my life, giving me a positive and energizing outlet during a time that has otherwise felt more than a little daunting. I think I’ve rounded the corner on that, moving from fear to excitement. Oh, it’s good to reinvent myself in some ways at this stage of life!

But this is not about celebrating me. This is about celebrating new. Celebrating learning and joy.

I’ve known for a long time that I’m not a pioneer at heart in a physical sense. I would never have made it crossing the plains on a wagon train. I have no interest in going to the moon, or exploring the ocean depths. But the digital world?! Yes! See you out there!

8 thoughts on “One year old today

  1. “…giving me a positive and energizing outlet…”
    Exactly! That, and discovering an endless horizon of new things ‘out there,’ is simply–in history–beyond compare. So…strap on your seat belt, and get ready to learn more about yourself, and the world at large, than you could have ever imagined…before. 😉


    • I agree! I love the experience of finding new blogs/authors who charm and delight my sense of humor, or my sentimental side, or challenge my intellect (ok, the last is pretty easy to do!). There is an amazing array of thought and creativity to tap into.

      Thanks for reading! ~ Sheila


  2. Congratulations, Sheila!
    This is NO “little” milestone – this is fabulous! You dreamed and you pursued – you are a pioneer in your own way!
    And now you have new dreams and a great partner to explore the possibilites with! Enjoy exploring the possible “nexts” in your life and please NEVER stop sharing with those of us that you inspire through your words!!
    Very proud of and for you!
    Much love and appreciation!!


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