My heat is on!

What is wrong with this picture?! It is July 1, and my heat is on! Oh, we’ve had some beautiful sunny warm days already. But they don’t last. You get a taste of summer, convince yourself tomorrow will be just as nice. And then, just like that, you go from July back to March or April. Just when I think I’m finally going to wear something “summery” more than one day at a time, the sun disappears and the jackets reappear.

And worst of all, the summer months that should give me a break from paying a fuel oil bill are likely to be little better than the rest of the year. And how do you know the fuel oil tanker has topped off your fuel oil? You come home to find a little love note on your door…a small ticket printed with the amount of fuel you got, and the total you owe. Let me tell you, I dread seeing those notes on my door. Every other month or so, I get a five or six hundred dollar happy when the fuel truck visits. Ouch!

Of course, part of the problem is that I’m in Southeast Alaska. I seem to fret about weather a lot. But you just can’t fathom how the weather impacts you, until the season you’re waiting for fails to appear. Or appears only in fits and starts…you can’t get a rhythm going, can’t forecast a cookout for the weekend, even if Tuesday is beautiful. Because by Saturday, you may want hot chocolate.

I’ve experienced the opposite problem…I know there are plenty of places where you run an air conditioner eight or nine months of the year. I’ve been in Palm Springs in July when even I (a lizard at heart who would like to spend significant time sunning on a rock) could barely walk from mister to mister in the shopping district without collapsing. Now that’s hot!  But at least you know what you’re getting. Those climates are much more consistent. I’ve had a painter lined up to do some work on the exterior of my house for six weeks, and he can’t get three days in a row that are dry enough to work!

I don’t like air conditioning…but living with temps in the 50s is not much fun either.

Well…I’m trying to re-direct myself….let’s see…

Ok, the humidity is good for my skin. And this is magical humidity that doesn’t feel humid, so that’s a big plus.

The rain and cool temps are great for many growing things…this island is as green as Ireland…indeed, we are an emerald isle, though I’ve never heard that term applied. But green is everywhere, and the foliage is lush.

I think this must be a good climate for fish. Fish are everywhere. These waters are teeming with salmon and halibut, among many other species.

I don’t have to pay for air conditioning. Don’t even have an air conditioner. The air conditioner in my car has been on half a dozen times in three and a half years of living here.

That’s it…I can’t think of anything else positive about the climate here. Did my best. Right now I just want warm, dry, and sunny! Wish I could send all this rain and cool temps to Colorado and the other states that are on fire. Feast or famine, that’s life!

7 thoughts on “My heat is on!

  1. You are absolutely right, there is something wonderful about experiencing the heat of summer after surviving the cold days and nights of a long winter. Wish I could send some of our Wisconsin heat your way. 100 yesterday and will probably reach that again today. Got out early for my walk before the heat is really on here today.


    • You know, since I posted about my chilly weather a few days ago, I’ve read several news stories about people suffering in the heat, and many dealing with power outages too. I grew up in the heat and humidity of the south, so I know what that’s about. I guess the reality is that whatever I’m not experiencing at the moment sounds good…heat when I’m cold, cool weather when it’s blazing! I admit to feeling a little whiney…trying to rise above and not go there again! Hope you’ve cooled off a bit, and that the weather will be pleasant for all of us!


  2. We could send you some “hot, dry and sunny”! Temps have been in the 90’s to low 100’s here over the past week. We did have an inch of rain Saturday night, but with that came some pretty scary storms.
    Sounds like the weather there doesn’t stay the same very long!


    • Well, yesterday and today the weather has been ok…not hot, but not rainy either. I’m trying to quit whining and just accept what I have…I admit after posting the other day, and then reading news about all the heat “down south,” I felt like I shouldn’t be complaining. Hope your temps have cooled off by now! ~ Sheila


    • I know! Well, after reading news stories about all the heat in so much of the US, I admit, I’m feeling like I was whiney, and should just get over it! Thank goodness for heat in July, if you live in our climates, and for air-conditioning, if you live in the hot regions! I don’t think I would have made a good pioneer…definitely too soft, and too needy of modern comforts! ~ Sheila


  3. So true…and as humans …we seem to always want the opposite of what we have…Living in the Ohio Valley…just means we wake up and see whatever the day has to offer… and then it’s up to us to embrace it with a smile or frown…I choose “smile”…~mkg


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