Things I’ve learned

In the past few months, I’ve learned (or re-learned):

~ I’m not too old to be a risk-taker!

~ I have no interest in creating cake pops.

~ I’m a writer!

~ I like chalk board paint on lots of surfaces.

~ I am not into re-purposing T shirts for other garments or crafts.

~ I have a limited tolerance for drama.

~ I’m really good at recognizing a great idea and copying it.

~ I don’t have a big ego, I like to share credit.

~ I’m a mentor in the right settings.

~ Green onions really do grow when you put them root down in a glass of water. Who knew?!

~ I’m always on the hunt for the perfect brownie and the perfect bread recipe.

~ Never write the end of the story in your head before the real story ends…you never know how things will turn out, and frequently the real story will be very different from the version you thought was unfolding.

~ True grace is unfailing and doesn’t ask to be repaid.

~ You can’t have too much shrimp in your freezer!

~ Books that spoke to you once will speak to you again. Reread and see what new things you learn.

~ When you know you have freely chosen, you don’t resent or regret the work it takes to make your choice work out.

~ Doing the right thing reinforces every other right choice you make.

~ Love means saying you’re sorry whenever you need to say the words.

~ I am stronger than I see myself.

~ Winston said it best: Never give up!

7 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed this! It is so hard for me to let life unfold…I’m always trying to help things work out as I think they should. Only sometimes I’ve gotten the ending wrong! So now I try to wait and watch, and appreciate outcomes as they happen. ~ Sheila


  1. Great post. Your perspective about what you’ve learned is a good one…the best part is that we never stop learning! Something can be gained from even the most simplest of things, if we would just make the effort to take notice.

    Thanks for sharing.



  2. All resonant, but this one especially rings my bell:

    “When you know you have freely chosen…”

    Too few people retain any comprehension of what that means, and how different their lives would be if they could (would) take full responsibility. Or at least give it a good try. 😉


    • I agree. Knowing that you have chosen can make all the difference. It has for me in many situations. It also takes away the crutch or opportunity to blame someone else for outcomes.

      Thank you for reading! Your comments are so appreciated!



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