Grace and space?

Someone asked me, recently, about the title of my blog. I gave an explanation of “Grace and Space” in my first blog post. But that’s long buried in my archives at this point. So to answer the question of what that phrase really means, here’s the story:

A few years ago, when my son was 21 and we were having difficulties transitioning through some young adult issues, I had an epiphany one day: he needed grace from me, and space to be allowed to work out his issues. And that phrase has continued to have a useful place in my life, as I often feel that I either need these gifts for myself (from others), or I need to extend these gifts. Like most catchy phrases, it’s easy to say, more difficult to do in the grip of the moment, whatever the issue, and whoever the others involved.

The point of this blog is recognizing that there are many grace notes in life…some come from and through others, some just seem to be gifts that come when needed, and bring a smile, comfort, hope…or perhaps understanding. As most people instinctively recognize good things, recording these experiences may seem unnecessary. But I believe that when I consciously mark joys in my life, I increase their power. If the experience is one of personal luxury, I can repeat it when possible. If grace comes from someone or something as a random kindness or event, I can appreciate it more fully by acknowledging and being grateful for the gift I’ve received.

These bring a smile to my face: my family, a good book, a moving quote, a phone call or email from a friend, comfort food, shopping in a favorite store, sunshine…grace is all around us, in many forms. We have only to open our eyes to see, and our spirits to receive.

10 thoughts on “Grace and space?

  1. The power of ‘grace’ is often underestimated. I have found it personally frees my thoughts towards people which in turn allows me to grant them the space they may need, particularly space from me! Thanks for sharing your insights!


    • Thank you Mark! I find it is actually easier to extend grace than to receive it. But giving or receiving, the main thing is to recognize the need of kindness and a gracious attitude to get through life! ~ Sheila


  2. The inherent, seemingly endless conflict between ‘hanging on’ (expectations) and ‘letting go’ (acceptance/kindness). A VERY complicated process…especially when trying to measure which (at any given moment) is “right.” 😉


    • Yes, difficult to discern which choice to make at times…thus the need for grace when I make the wrong choice! It has been a useful way to think about what I need and what I need to give.



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