Riley Girl

                                              Riley, Princess and Explorer

This girl has snuggled in deep in my heart. Love this Little!

How lucky am I to be her “Gram!”

10 thoughts on “Riley Girl

  1. Just peeked in, Sheila, and am always happy to find a Northerner who provides a window of life in that part of the country that soooo demands our humanity! I lived and worked in the NW corner of BC for a few years (contract with a School District) and spent every spare minute “eating” the richness and soul nutrition of the people and the land. I didn’t stay for another contract because I felt it would ruin me. I had to come out of the womb created by a School District that paid for everything except long distance calls – (Early 1980s) – and face life in the South again.

    If I’d been married, I would have stayed longer, but I was single and felt pressured to keep moving in the career field.

    In one of your posts, you hint at “what next”. I’ve learned it doesn’t matter which road we choose because we’re going to make the best of it no matter what. I’ve also learned that if a decision doesn’t “wear well”, we can just change it! I learned that from a C.E.O of a major Financial Corporation that employed tens of thousands and that could affect family security in a minute.

    When we’re in for the good, the sky’s the limit.


    • Thank you for visiting and for your thoughtful comment, Amy! It is always good to hear from others who have lived in this part of the world! It is different to live in Alaska. When we lived in the Arctic, the first two years we were in the state, I even heard a few people there refer to going to “America,” (they were referring to visiting the lower 48) as though Alaska was not part of “America!” Interesting in so many ways! Now we are in the SE part of the state.

      I had a chance to check out your blog too. Very interesting, I’ll enjoy reading about your work, and your spiritual connection.

      Blessings! ~ Sheila


    • She is fun, and also funny! That’s one of the joys of this age, discovering so much, absorbing like a sponge, and just makes me laugh. Brings a smile to my face! ~ Thanks, I think she’s beautiful too, but maybe I’m just a wee bit biased! ~ Sheila


    • Thanks! She’s been a revelation to me. Didn’t know I could love another little one as much as I did my own. But the reality is, it was effortless…just like the first time around! ~ Sheila


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