Happy Easter!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I’m excited to spend the day with our little ones, Riley and Jack. Riley, turning four next week, and Jack, 16 months, are too young to grasp the real meaning of the day. They’re just old enough to hunt for a few eggs and enjoy some treats from their Easter baskets. And at their ages, that’s enough.

But for me, and anyone of Christian faith, the day is a reminder, among all the Sundays of the year, that grace is a tangible gift. Forgiveness and mercy are available to everyone, freely given, and found through the choice of belief and obedience.

My use of the word “grace” in the title of my blog has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with displaying an understanding and gracious attitude when we’re confronted with difficulties in life. I use the word to refer to many of the little joys, the things that make life a little better, a little happier…the grace notes.

But the grace that we celebrate on Easter, the gift of savior and healer and friend…that’s the real thing, the real joy. Happy Easter, and may you know the meaning of the grace of the day, and the giver of joy.

~ Sheila


6 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    • Oh Renee, the firsts are all hard! But you know that. I think sometimes it is good to have an escape and just give yourself a break. Hope your Easter was as good as it could be. I keep thinking about you…glad to see you’re blogging and staying connected. ~ Sheila


  1. Sheila, it is because you know the real thing that you are able to display an understanding and gracious attitude when confronted with difficulties in life, and you do it in such a beautiful way. Enjoy this day with your loved ones.


    • This is a very belated thank you Ann! Most of this past week has been off line and busy with getting situated in a travel trailer for some of our “off” time out of AK. We had a sweet visit with the littles! I hope your Easter was wonderful! I’m sure it was just a little more special now that you’ve got a second sweet one to enjoy! ~ Sheila


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