New Year’s goals

I won’t call them resolutions…that seems a bit cliche, and anyway, this is more of a life goal list…desires that will be ongoing, not just a to do list for the next twelve months. I’ve been going through some personal challenges, a time of growth (or so I tell myself), so this list is somewhat challenging, somewhat hopeful, but I believe achievable.

  1. Be honest with myself
  2. See the good in life and those around me
  3. True my life…this is a hard one, but basically I have a few things I need to address, to re-do, to set right…
  4. Spend more time with my children
  5. Move out of Alaska
  6. Be kind: everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle
  7. Maintain my weight, currently 115, and I’d like to hold it there
  8. See the big picture

So here’s to another new year…may it be good for all of us, and bring new opportunities, new friendships, and possiblities that we haven’t even imagined!

Your thoughts?

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