As if

I have a lot of questions and few answers. When will the house sell? What will the next step be? What is in store in life?

When I begin to feel anxious, I think of a phrase my sister-in-law uses: live “as if.” As if what I desire will work out, as if my dreams will come true. I know saying the words doesn’t make it so.  But if life works out differently than I want, I’ll have to face that when it happens. In the meantime, isn’t is better to live in positive expectation? In hope?

Does that mean I bury my head in the sand? No. But I believe in the power of positive attitude. I believe that mindset allows me to stay focused, to be proactive, to be determined. I am ready to relocate, and to do that, the house needs to sell. To be ready to relocate, I need to sort the things that will be moved. I have gotten a moving estimate, I am cleaning out and boxing, I am selling items that will not be moved. Anyone need a grill? Storage shelving? Some things are already spoken for. The chest freezer will go to a neighbor. I’m listing other items in the local online paper. The local thrift store loves me: I’m a frequent donator.

The house is listed, and I’m working closely with the realtor to follow any leads. I know it’s just a matter of time. But it is hard to wait. I tell myself I only need one buyer, and I know that person will arrive soon. Hopefully about the time I’m finished with my sorting project.

I’m not sure what the next step will be. RV road trip? Beach? But I don’t have to have that answer today. I am living as if. As if, whatever the decision is, it will be good. I am seeding the life I hope for. I am looking for the next amazing chapter, and I know that however it unfolds, I won’t be disappointed. Not because I know where the path will lead, but because I don’t.

4 thoughts on “As if

  1. Love your thoughts Sheila. Thank You. A stimulating journey is Daniel Pink’s DRIVE. He has a video segment titled, What’s Your Sentence? Enjoy. Hey to Rob


  2. You are right Sheila. We may not know what the future holds, but we do know Who holds the future. So we can live today “as if” all will be ok tomorrow.


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