Fall sunshine

This was our forecast, here in SE Alaska, earlier this week. This would only be remarkable to folks who know this climate. October is statistically the rainiest month in the year. We’ve had more days like this in October than we had in the summer! As it turned out, Thursday was sunny and beautiful. But now, Friday looks like a different story than this forecast predicted.

                                             Is this October?

                                      Sunset on Halloween

Today I flew over to Metlakatla to work.

                                        Airport in Metlakatla

This was my view on the flight back.

                                  View from the floatplane

Well, I think our luck is changing…looks like a little rain in the forecast…

                                            Back to normal!

7 thoughts on “Fall sunshine

  1. You remind me that I left a piece of my soul up there in the North. We used to have to fly to School Board Meetings around the NW corner of BC. Flying into Atlin and through the Stikine Canyon to Telegraph Creek were two of my favourites. But as a farewell gift to myself, four friends and I hired a plane so we could spend a weekend in Juneau. Oh, the turquoise of those icefields!

    Yes, the weather is uncanny this year. I sat here this morning with my door wide open in November! Yet my cat’s coat is as thick as one on a black bear.

    Did you feel any of the rumblings from the earthquake at Haida Qwaii? We felt none. They didn’t travel South this time.


    • Hey, yes, the weather has been crazy! We’ve had a nicer fall than our last two summers…pretty unbelievable! I did feel a little bit of the earthquake a couple of weekends ago…just enough to make me wonder! ~ Sheila


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