Ah, a little humor! Couldn’t resist these! All borrowed / copied / stolen from   Pinterest.



Should have thought of this myself!

Should have thought of this myself!



8 thoughts on “Funny!

    • I have to admit, I give in to Pinterest quite often. I try to limit myself to short visits…otherwise I might not come up for air for a long time. Great resource! ~ Sheila


    • I know, it was a great idea! When my two were little and got into arguments, I was struck with the inspiration of having them stand eye-to-eye, nose-to-nose, face-to-face (that’s what I called it, although they didn’t quite match up in height). They couldn’t stand staring at each other eyeball to eyeball for very long without breaking into giggles…popped the anger and tension, and helped them get over “it” whatever the “it” of the moment was. After I had done that a few times, all I had to say were the words, and they would begin to laugh…worked like a charm, and I sometimes still reference that. But the shirt might be even better! ~ Sheila


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