Joyous Joy 63: Awareness Promoting Fulfillment

This little video make a wonderful point…so much of life is about how we choose to see it! Please take a few minutes to watch, and think about what you’re seeing today! ~ Sheila


While browsing the NY Times this morning, I came across a video called, “This is Water” – and I am glad I found it!

I was expecting it to be focused on the environment, but I was mistaken. It was actually David Foster Wallace‘s brilliant speech to the Kenyon College class of 2005, in which he talked about

“the conscious decision about how to think and what to pay attention to.”

Its message was so aligned with my way of thinking that I just had to share. I hope you choose to make 10 mins of your time to watch it.

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4 thoughts on “Joyous Joy 63: Awareness Promoting Fulfillment

  1. What a gem, Sheila. Many thanks for sharing it! It resonates with me as well. When I attempt to squeeze too many, rather insignificant activities into one chunk of time, I become very self centered. A while ago, in a line-up at the grocery store, I huffed, “Oh man…I’ve got someone waiting for me.”

    The woman in front of me said, “Yes, me too. I have three hungry children in the car in the parking lot.”

    It put things in perspective! I was merely meeting someone to go OUT for dinner! If she hadn’t been in front of me already, I would have made sure was.


    • I find I have to remind myself all the time to give the benefit of doubt…assume the best when it would be easiest to suspect the worst…I am learning to question regularly what I am feeding myself (mentally, in this case, although the physical food choices are important too)…the more I exercise this approach to life, the more natural it becomes….thankfully, even a slow learner and a late bloomer can learn to do better! ~ Sheila


  2. Yes, it was in the NYTimes “Diners Journal” a couple of days ago. I saw it and immediately posted it on the blog I’ve created to spotlight exceptional videos I occasionally find online. Take a look…I’m sure you’ll find several others there that you’ll also like: 😉

    : Video Closet


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