Happy New Year 2015!

January 1, and we’re off! Turning the page, starting a new round of resolutions, finding hope all over again. That’s the plan, isn’t it? A new year to motivate and sort out all the things that didn’t go as planned in 2014. Didn’t go right, didn’t go well, didn’t go at all.

Hope is my one word for 2015.

Hope is broad and generic…it covers anything and everything.

Hope is specific…detailed as my smallest dream, my simplest goal.

Hope is the secret ingredient in life that brings a smile to my face, even when reality isn’t yet the stuff of my dreams.

Hope tells me: I can change the future by how I approach today.

Hope reminds me: You never know how life will work itself out. Expect the unexpected.

Hope reassures me: There are always forces at work in life that I don’t see and can’t control, forces that result in good things that I couldn’t have forecast. Control doesn’t equal a good outcome, and lack of control doesn’t equal a bad outcome.

Hope sings its song to me, a song that only I can hear. I can hear it in the dark, and in times of storm.

I can see hope at work when nothing is visible to anyone else.

I can feel hope carrying me when I need the boost of encouragement.

Hope is as big as life, as strong as my challenges, as bright as the stars, as personal as my heart’s desires, and my word for 2015.

May each of you find your word for the coming year, and may you find the inspiration to carry you all the way to next December 31. Here’s hope for your year, your success, and the meaning that comes from life well lived!  ~ Sheila

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015!

  1. I like this ‘one word’ concept. “Commit” would be my word I suppose. There’s so much in my life requiring commitment right now, so I’m ready to dig in and give it all I’ve got! Happy New Year Sheila!


  2. Hope is an excellent word to choose. You have inspired me to use it as my word for 2015 too. I wish you all the best in your hopeful year and I look forward to reading future blog-posts about how your year is matching up to (or exceeding!) your hopes and dreams. Take care and may you stay safe!


  3. Hi Sheila, Yesterday was a really bad day for me, your post arrived just in time and as I see it for what it says to me personally is get off your “pity pot” and have hope. Thank you for making me have a little introspection.


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