pink laundry detergent

Ok, please tell me why a freshly pressed light-colored pair of pants is a magnet for spots? I’m not usually messy…I don’t spill a lot, don’t have a hole in my lip. But I know when I left the house this morning I was wearing clean clothes. Now, late in the day, I look down and see I’ve acquired a few things along the way. And it’s not such a big deal to go home and treat a few spots and throw laundry in for a spin. But how long have I had these spots? Were they with me as I went through a day of meetings? You know, I really try to project a professional image. Is there a conspiracy? Must I wear leftovers through my afternoon? And why do I notice at the end of the day? At least if I had noticed the drip when it happened, I could have attempted a fix. Now, at 4:30, there’s no point. My spots have been on display, front and center.

The only thing I can hope is that everyone else was pre-occupied with their own spots.

If all of this sounds silly, just wait until you realize that instead of displaying a confident and polished self, you were wearing your best middle-school look. Really, the only comfort with these little flashes of insecurity…you know, an unzipped fly, or socks that don’t match (I don’t know how that happened) or bad hair days….is the realization that no one escapes. We’re all seventh graders at one time or another, even after we’ve long outgrown the age.

Well, off to buy some stain remover. And tomorrow, I hope to move up a grade or two.

6 thoughts on “Spots

  1. Once, in a 4:00 meeting, I realized I was wearing 1 brown and 1 black shoe. This was after several other meetings that day. Yep, dorkin’ it up, corporate style.

    As for the spots? I’ve started keeping those “shout” wipes in my desk!

    great post 🙂 MJ


  2. I am the QUEEN magnet to attracting spots – when I go shopping and I notice a spot before I even make the purchase I say to myself, “yep! this is destiny, you are supposed to buy this!” :o)
    Thank you, Sheila, for making me laugh out loud after a really long work day! You definitely captured a “FUN” moment for me!!


    • You know, I think I’ve heard you talk about this before! I do remember that you collect spots. Well, yesterday was one of those days for me. Can’t say I’ve advanced to buying things with spots already in place…now that’s brave!

      Thanks, JL!


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