Food of summer

As seems typical for Southeast Alaska weather in July (if “typical” can ever be applied to weather here), we’re experiencing a stretch of warm and dry sunny days. I think the temperature actually reached the 80s today. And oh, the locals! They can’t stand it! The standard gripe about the rain has given away to complaining of the heat. Air conditioning is unusual here, so offices and homes get toasty by afternoon. For lizards like me, it’s a source of pure pleasure to actually feel the heat of the sun on my face. But I’m about the only one in town luxuriating in the warmth.

The summer heat reminds me of foods that are essential for picnics, dinners on the porch, and the traditional favorites for cookouts and block parties. See how many of these tempt your taste buds:

~Bacon and tomato sandwiches (Southern tradition: bread must be toasted and you need a generous slather of mayo on each piece of bread before adding bacon and perfectly ripe tomatoes)
~Potato salad (best side dish for BLTs; try it warm, it’s a whole new taste, and my favorite)
~Peach ice cream (homemade, of course!)
~Watermelon, chilled to perfection (love the mini melons)
~Anything cooked on the grill
~Summer vegetables, fresh from the garden
~Sun tea with lots of ice in the glasses
~Any dessert with fresh strawberries
~Lemondade made with hand-picked lemons
~Deviled eggs, a REQUIREMENT for Southern picnics
~Freezer jams, the solution for too much impulse buying at the farmer’s market, and the yummy addition to breakfast
~My mom’s sweet pickles, canned with cucumbers from her yard
~Corn on the cob (needs it’s own line, not to be lumped in with other summer veggies)
~S’mores (found a new s’mores bar cookie that is heavenly)
~Pulled pork sandwiches, and just to make sure the barbecue theme is fully honored, baked beans go right along with the sandwiches. You cannot have too much barbecue in your life.

Feeling hungry? Me too!

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4 thoughts on “Food of summer

  1. I went to the Farmer’s Market JUST TO GET TOMATOES b/c I was having a huge craving for Toasted Tomato sandwiches as you described.

    Question? Mayo or Miracle Whip? I’ll take either as long as there’s salt & pepper, too πŸ™‚


    and I’ve eaten my weight in Michigan cherries this week. πŸ™‚ MJ


    • Hey, has to be mayo for me, and I should have included this in the post: I only buy real mayonnaise, nothing light or low fat. I would rather control frequency of having a food, or potion size when I have something with a lot of fat, than do the fake or light options…just my personal preference!

      Yum, Michigan cherries! I loved the fruit when we lived in Midland. It was years ago (early 90s) but I still remember going to local farms and markets and enjoying the fresh produce available in the state. Lucky you!


  2. You didn’t mention cole slaw. What is a pulled pork barbeque sandwich without it being dressed with cole slaw? You also didn’t mention fried catfish or bream or crappie, hush puppies and of course again cole slaw. Cole slaw is a must have for the summer. There are lots of recipes and one of my favorites includes, broccoli and a package of chicken ramen noodles. (its an oriental cole slaw and is delicious.) We don’t eat fried foods anymore but I have to have fried fish every once in a while. We bake, broil, and grill our fish & seafood most of the time but deep into summer, I start craving the taste of fried catfish and tartar sauce with a good helping of cole slaw and a couple of hush puppies. French fries aren’t a necessity however we have discovered the joys of sweet potato “fries” which I bake in the oven. SO next time you make pulled pork, grate some cabbage, throw some sweet onion in the mix with a carrot or two and mix some mayo & vinegar with a little bit of sugar, salt & pepper to taste and enjoy fresh cole slaw.


    • You’re right, I left off a lot! But I started to realize that I could have listed pages of favorites. I didn’t add banana pudding or key lime pie, or fried chicken. I don’t fry often, but fried chicken was a picnic staple when I was a kid. I like cole slaw, and I agree that it goes well with barbecue sandwiches. Thanks for the recipe! I love catfish too, and we always make a point to have it when we visit Mississippi. No one does fish like Southerners! We like to go to Cock of the Walk out on the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Ridgland. Do you know that restaurant? Best catfish I ever had!

      Thanks for sharing!



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