Monday, but Friday’s coming!

Yes, it’s Monday. Not a bad one at that, although it’s another cool and rainy day here in SE Alaska. I’m hoping August brings some consistent summer days, because July hasn’t come through with sun or warmth.

But don’t get me started on the weather!

As my grandmother would say, I’m wishing my life away this week, mentally hurrying the days on toward Friday. And though Friday is the beginning of the weekend, it’s not the weekend I’m waiting for. This Friday I’ll head to Phoenix to reconnect with Rob, who’s been out and about visiting family in California, and is spending this week with our son in Ft Campbell, Kentucky. Next week we’ll be in Sedona, AZ, soaking up some sun, doing a little hiking and eating, and enjoying vacation mode together.

And a bonus: we get to see little Riley, have a “Riley sighting” on our way to Sedona, and another short visit on our return trip. isn’t it lucky for us that she lives in the very state we’re visiting?! Stephanie gives me updates on her “firsts:” today she tried a French fry, and watched a few minutes of “The Lion King.” She is saying a word or two, and has a favorite stuffed animal now. She brings a book to be read, and likes toys that make animal sounds. I saw her at her first birthday in April. Now, three months later, I think she’s rapidly becoming a little girl and leaving her real baby days behind.

This is the joy of summer, anticipating luxurious days of leisure and relaxing, and time to connect, and reconnect; to move slowly, to drink it all in.

Whether you’re looking forward to a long awaited destination vacation or are planning a laid-back week with kids or grand-kids, I hope you’ll tune out work and worry and invest in the moment. Invest in the people, and the joy of days without pressure, without rush; with the fun of serendipity.

I’m looking forward to long talks and good dinners with Rob; lazy mornings and quiet nights; hiking in amazing red-rock canyons; to dividing my time between my reading list on my Kindle, and the little books on Riley’s shelf. We’re going to the park, going out for a Riley picnic, and looking for a little girl “happy” that will light up the face of a 15-month-old.

I’ll be the one with the big smile. I’m connecting on Friday. It’s going to be a good week!

4 thoughts on “Monday, but Friday’s coming!

  1. Love this post, Sheila. Yes, family time is the absolute best.Thanks for the reminder to purposefully enjoy moments we are blessed with to spend with loved ones…such a gift!


    • Thank Ann, I’m glad this spoke to you. You have always demonstrated prioritizing family so well…at least it seems so to me! I know your family is fortunate that you are so grounded in what’s important.
      Speaking of that, hope you’re enjoying the new little one. I loved then photo Doug had on Facebook of him curled up in a bowl(?) with his name spelled out in blocks…so precious! Give my love to everyone!



  2. How wonderful! I’m so pleased for you. GIve Robby a big hug from me and tell him to give you one back! My arms won’t reach to Arizona!! Enjoy Riley and if you really want to give her something that will light up her face, give her a big box. At 15 months they LOVE boxes, if she isn’t afraid of loud noises you can try bubble wrap.. My children loved to tap dance on bubble wrap at that age. (They still do!) Callie liked to take lids on and off things too. So you can find something that needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a big box with a lid. Whatever you choose can be “put up” for later, Riley will get hours of entertainment with the container and bubble wrap.


    • Hey, thank you for the great suggestion. Of course, it’s true that little ones like the wrapping paper and all the stuff that surrounds a gift, usually as well as, or better, than the toy or whatever is wrapped! I’ll have to try to find something that will make some noise too…Stephanie will love that!
      And thanks for your good wishes for our time together…we haven’t had enough of that this year~makes me realize you can’t take it for granted!



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