A movie moment from real life

My husband loves the little guy movies, the ones about the underdog who beats the odds, those feel good stories that warm the heart. Sometimes the inspiration is a real person, an everyday guy or girl who reminds us that impossible things do happen. I’m betting this is a story we’ll see on the big screen soon.

Sometimes the hero is hiding right in front of our eyes. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “A movie moment from real life

    • Jeff, I’m so glad this spoke to you. It is a great “feel-good” story, but I can imagine with personal emotions involved, it is even more meaningful. Thank you for sharing! ~ Sheila


    • Jeff, I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I wasn’t aware your daughter is autistic. I’m in awe of parents who meet the challenge of children with disabilities. Most of us are overwhelmed with scheduling hassles and homework monitoring. I know I was.

      Thank you for sharing! ~ Sheila


  1. I love this video…but, after working with Special Ed and kids with autism for 30 years …my heart will always be with them…how awesome they are…My blog has been dedicated to them for this past year…I write of my life and then I write of “My Kids” immediately after…it’s been a blog of love…Thanks for sharing this…


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