Happy Birthday Stephanie!

Today is my daughter’s 28th birthday. She’s juggling a lot at the moment, being a single parent for a stretch while her husband has moved ahead of her to take a new job; teaching full time; packing to move in December. She’s reaching for her strength and finding it in new ways. She’s rising to the challenge. I’m proud of the strong woman who has emerged to take her place among the women of the world.

This will be a memorable year for her in many ways. This is not a decade milestone or other significant marker, as a birthday number. But as a life marker, it is important. Major moves always shape and rechannel life.

I’m honored to be part of my daughter’s story, to see her joy, feel her struggles, rejoice in her triumphs. I’m honored to be a link in the life chain that binds us together.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Stephanie!

  1. I love the ‘link in the chain’ comment at the end. Sometimes we get stuck trying to be too much of the chain and you are so wise to recognize that without you, the chain falls apart, but there are other links for her too. That’s probably why you are so close. Sounds like you are both very lucky. Good thought for you and her.


  2. I’m thinking how fortunate we are to have been raised by the people who raised us, how blessed we have been in our life and how blessed we continue to be into our middle years, how wonderful our children are, and how sweet it is to still love the companion we chose for our life’s journeys. I am enjoying being reunited with you at this stage in my life. I’m praying abundant blessings for Stephanie and her little family and blessing for both you and Robby. Love you both!


    • Thank you for your vote of confidence! I try, that’s about all I can say! But My kids know my heart, that I want to do the best I can, even at this stage of parenting, so I think they’re willing to give me grace when I get it wrong. Good thing! ~ Sheila


  3. Happy Birthday to Stephanie! I remember like it was just yesterday when she was a little girl just turning 5…a whole handful! And now she is a beautiful young lady taking her place in this world and contributing in wonderful ways. What a joy it has been to watch her mature through the years. Sheila, I know that you and Rob are very proud of your daughter, and rightly so!


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