July? No, October!


I can’t help myself. I have to say something about the weather in SE Alaska. The first full week of October, statistically the rainiest month of the year, has been beautiful! And we still have a few days of sunny icons on the weather map before the rain comes back. I thought we had missed summer this year. But it turns out, we’ve been here for a nice piece of it. I know it’s only a matter of time, and likely, the end of this month will make up for the beginning. But when you live in a rainforest, you have to appreciate any week that has more than a day or two of sunshine. And when that week comes in October…well, that sunshine is all the sweeter for being unexpected. Happy fall, y’all!


7 thoughts on “July? No, October!

    • Hi William! Believe it or not, this has been the driest October we’ve experienced in SE Alaska in four years. I’m sure we’re setting records. There have been sun icons on my phone’s weather app almost the whole month. Amazing! And I hope your weather’s holding nicely too! ~ Sheila


  1. I love the change of seasons…Just when I think I’m wanting the weather to change …it slips in and shows it’s new face…I’ve always lived in KY …so know no other way…I can only imagine the longer seasons you must experience…and I’m like you…cool is OK…it’s the dreariness..with little sunshine that I don’t like…Happy Autumn!…mkg


  2. I am sooooo incredibly happy for you to be having such beautiful weather! I am trying my hardest to stay positive as the chilly, damp air replaces our sunshine in NYC. I am far to happy in the sun to live here forever!


    • Oh, I don’t mind a mix of weather in a “normal” climate. I love all the seasons. My struggle with this climate is that in spite of the milder temps here (especially considering we are in Alaska, after all!) we get so much annual rainfall that it is just gray and dreary here a lot. With 13 FEET of rain a year on average, it’s a miracle we get the nice days we do! Hey, we spent two days in NYC in early September, passing through to Canada…it was beautiful and HOT! ~ S


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