Resolution redo

December 31st, and that time of year…I’m not a resolution fanatic, but I always do a bit of a life check and give the subject of change some thought. Some years I’ve had more to tackle than others, and some years I have more motivation to act on my goals. I always intend to act. But you know what they say about good intentions.

This year I have a new approach. No more lists of wishes for this change or that. Instead, I’m going to try choosing one word. One word that will focus my year, my efforts, my mind. explains the concept, and challenges me to define what I want to do with my year, or how I want to be different at the end of 2013. Choosing a single word to live with, and live up to, is energizing, inspiring…and I’ll admit, just a bit intimidating. What happens if I want to change my word mid-year? If I’m done with my first word, or if I choose poorly and need a do-over?

Well, the site doesn’t really go into these details, but as this is an exercise for my benefit…maybe I can bend the rules if I need to. Hopefully that won’t be the case. I’ll acknowledge here and now, at two hours to go, I’m still on the fence. But I think, technically, I have tomorrow to finalize my selection of the word.

Regardless of the challenge of distilling my hopes for 2013 into one word, I like the idea. Seems simple, neat, and doable.

Here’s to the other side of midnight, and 2013. And one word.

12 thoughts on “Resolution redo

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    • Yes, I really like the one word concept…and while there will always be multiple areas of life that could use improvement (at least that’s the case for me!) I like the idea of choosing a one area of focus…seems more purposeful! Happy New Year to you! ~ Sheila


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