Some days

Back working in Alaska again for a stretch, and picking up the threads of all my projects. I seem to have a never-ending list! Not that I think I’m alone in that. Who doesn’t have a list?

Lately my list has been a little fuller. I’m brushing off some long-unused skills and trying to recall what I’ve ever known of design programs. Admittedly most of my knowledge was via on-the-job learning. Back in the day, when I was in college, Adobe products weren’t even a glint in a designer’s eye. Now I’m learning with books, and the ever-helpful tutorials that abound online. I’m doing this as part of a multi-prong approach to creating digital income, and it occurred to me that it would be helpful to have a few more skills in the digital world.

So there’s that, and my second Kindle book which has been languishing for the past several weeks, waiting for me to pull it out again. Then my blog is wondering if I moved away and forgot to pack it along.

And there’s work, as in, what I am actually paid real money to do.

I’m so grateful to live in a time when so much is at my fingertips. It’s a rich experience, learning and growing, all at the touch of a few buttons and some time and effort.

But, I remind myself, life exists off-line as well. It’s easy to get sucked in by the vast world that lives behind my screen.

And if I’m always looking that direction, I miss so much.

Like this:


Riley and Pete the Cat, preschool mascot

Or this:


The boy, blowing bubbles for Gram

I don’t get bubbles from my laptop. I don’t know…maybe I don’t visit the right sites?

Nothing replaces reality. I can do a lot from my sofa, and learn a lot without going into a classroom. But on days when I feel like I haven’t looked up, I stretch and yawn and remember:

What I’m really invested in is out there, the people in my life.

I’ve always been able to draw that line between my work and personal life. I find it a little more challenging when work can follow me home, follow me to the sofa, be in front of me as soon as I click on my screen.

It takes discipline to create income out of hobbies, out of interests that have potential. And I want to be one of the people that finds that key to unlock the door.

But I don’t want to get sucked dry by the process, consumed by the ease of access.

I realize, now while I still am in the formative stage of creating online work, I need to set boundaries and schedules. Yes, I want to be able to work from anywhere, and anytime I choose.

But I don’t want to find myself working everywhere, all the time.

That’s not the plan.

Is it?

Aaahhh…there’s a difference in convenience and flexibility, and being consumed by the tool I’m using.

I don’t want the dream of creating my work world to become the monster that devours me.

For now, that isn’t likely to happen. For one thing, I can’t generate income without a regular job, which keeps me grounded and tied to a somewhat regular schedule. These thoughts are really about the future.

But this is the time to plan. What do I want more of? Endless time online?

Or bubbles?

Which do you think I picked?

Happy Sunday!  ~ Sheila

5 thoughts on “Some days

  1. I just returned from 9 days of being unplugged. (A wonderful vacation in sunny Florida with snowbird friends.) What did I do? I played games from my childhood and learned a lot of new ones that I lost at. And oh the conversations and the laughter we enjoyed. I missed my online friends, but I hear you about spending time away from the computer too.


  2. I empathize, Sheila! I’m so grateful I love learning how to do more computer stuff that saves time & effort and makes things beautiful. However, I had to grab my streak of discipline and hold on. Not only do I need to commune with folks with skin on, I need to do my a.m. exercises, meditate, get out for a walk, go to Yoga class and look after home and yard! All of that means time away from the computer which is GOOD! See, my computer time includes shopping, doing business, paying bills, socializing, writing and operating my Operation Blind Spot program. Oh, it’s also my entertainment center. That’s what happens when one lives on a little island away from the madding crowd!

    Those two beautiful grandchildren certainly are valuable excuses for grandma to shut down the electronics. Trouble is, they’re pulled in as well. A friend of mine reported that her 4 year old grandson showed her how to use an app on her phone! Ahem! We’re in trouble! 😀 Happy Valentine’s day.


    • Absolutely agree! I use my computer for all the things you mention…yes, entertainment too. I often have Pandora playing in the background. As you say, time away from the screen is good, and I have to remind myself that it is healthy to turn it off and look away! Have a blessed day! ~ Sheila


  3. You sure hits some spots for me with this one. I find myself at the screen far too much using the excuse of family and good friends being hours and days away. Your words are timely for me. Thanks Sheila. Bubbles are always a good choice 😉


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