Gift of summer

This season has been a gift, in every way.

Family, friends, travel, work, play…everything has flowed, cooperated, come together just so.


This weekend was another example. We went fishing Saturday, one of the many beautiful summer days we’ve enjoyed this year. We caught three coho salmon, had a dinner of sushi and seared salmon fillet last night (couldn’t decide which taste we preferred, so we had both). Our luck is holding!








That’s a whale’s fin in this photo!

Catch of the day:


3 thoughts on “Gift of summer

  1. This Friday, we are having Alaskan halibut that my son and daughter-in-law caught during their Alaskan get-away this summer! The fresh caught (and frozen) fish is even better when shared with loved ones!


  2. This sounds like a beautiful perfect Alaskan summer day. Fresh salmon…YUM! Love the photo of your happy fisherman! Summer sweetness at its best! (Fresh picked, sun-kissed Palisade peaches are a mighty fine way to celebrate end of summer too. Talbot’s juicy crispy fall apples and our valley’s many wineries are succulent local treats too. You two are welcome to come this way any time!)


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