Rites of passage

Sometimes you have to fail first, before you can succeed.

Last year I  thought I was ready for a new launch, which I believed would be the beginning of a new online business. I chose a name, had a logo designed, created a new site, and posted one time.

One time! 

At almost the same time I was beginning this new venture, life was spinning in other directions, and I just didn’t have the capacity to sustain my fledgling goals.

Maybe that’s a sign I wasn’t really ready at all. Or that I wasn’t strong enough, hungry enough, driven enough. Maybe brave enough?

Clearly, something was lacking.

But now, I like to think of that short-lived site as my first failure in the digital world…and whew, got that out of the way! It happens, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been determined to go slow with my new plans, and to keep nurturing my work life (as I currently know it ), which allows me the luxury of taking my time to develop my thoughts, learn, grow, and gain from exposure to others’ successes, and failures.

My recent efforts include finishing a book that looks at the process of discerning life’s purpose, and prepping the book to publish; applying for a TED residency; working toward another site, (this time with the services of a designer); and looking at business models for the digital services I’d like to offer. I’m also looking at speaking opportunities, and ways to sharpen my skills in that arena.

The new site is Story Revisioned. Every life is a story, and we all need revising along the way. And revising requires vision…thus, Story Revisioned.


I’ll be announcing the launch of the site before too long, but as of yet, I can’t say just when. It’s a slow thing, evolving at the speed of doing it well. Doing it well is not about fast, nor is it about perfection. It will happen when it should…sometime in the next few months, but not this week, or the next. And when it does, there will be hits and misses, of that I’m sure.

One thing I’ve learned, working in the digital world…it’s easy to put something together quickly, but it’s difficult to sustain your efforts if you’re not really prepared. I don’t want to have a second failure to my name.

I want this story to be just right. This time, I’m using better vision, and I’m much braver. I have a lot more invested in this launch, already, than I did in the last one. I’m finding the balance between DIY, and paying for the professional expertise I can’t provide myself. I think it will show in the finished product.


I’ll be looking for stories to share on the new site…stories of overcoming odds, stories of how life surprises, tales of adventure and of inspiration, and yes, even stories of failure. I particularly love tales of failure and redemption…the most amazing stories of all.

The goal is to form a community, and to teach strength and resilience, creativity and persistence.

I hope you’ll join me as I grow. I’m excited to watch the story unfold.

What a difference a year makes!

~ Sheila


4 thoughts on “Rites of passage

  1. I love the title for your new site (and launch)! Life is one story after another. Sometimes, we act like we can’t write our own stories. But we have more of the author in us than we realize. We can revise our stories to learn from the past and dictate a more beautiful ending!


    • Thank you Debbie! I agree…a lot of the excitement of living is in realizing we have the power to change our stories…and even if they are not exactly what we want, we can still find ways to make them our own. Finding one’s voice is powerful! ~ Sheila


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