State of mind

I just spent a great week away from home. No, I wasn’t on vacation in some exotic place. Well, not exactly. Rob and I spent last week working in a small clinic in Craig, Alaska, and we stayed in a little rustic cottage. We ate out twice, pizza both times (about the only option in town, from what I saw). Most of the time we ate in, basic and simple meals, nothing gourmet. Evenings were quiet, watching a little tv, researching stocks, blogging, talking. And what made it special? Being together. After spending the greater part of the past two years apart, I have a new appreciation for time together. I’ve written about this epiphany before, but I’m happy to see that it is continuing.

We had an opportunity to renew our acquaintance with friends we met in Kotzebue; they’ve just moved to Prince of Wales. We had a lovely dinner with them, reminiscing about fun and funny experiences in the Arctic, recalling friends and memories that we share.

But it wasn’t all fun. Rob’s dad is not well, and we wait to learn what direction this will take. It’s a reminder that family is central to life.

Companionship, friendship, family: the essential relationships in life make us rich, give us joy, make it all worthwhile. Sometimes bring sorrow. Everyone knows that. Why is it so hard to keep this reality in focus? I find I need a daily reminder of what’s important. It’s the same thing, every time: people, matters of the heart, the simple, the real. The lesson is never fully learned, never finished. But fortunately, neither are the chances to re-learn.

Your thoughts?

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