Is this someone you know?

A friend shared this quote with me recently: “Often wrong, never in doubt.” No, no, it wasn’t about me. It was just shared with me. I’m too often in doubt for this to ever apply to me. But I immediately thought of a few acquaintances who should have this for their personal motto. Bet you’ve known a few of these folk too.

Well, a little humor on a Friday is a good thing…so next time you’re with someone who knows all, you can think of this and enjoy a little smile to yourself. Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Is this someone you know?

  1. Sheila,
    I’m curling my toes back as I can think of two recent episodes when I could have worn that quote proudly around my own neck. The thing is, I thought I knew something that I sadly was mistaken about. Yikes! Could laugh about it though.

    However there is someone that this fits on more than the occasional topic. He popped into mind immediately. According to him, he knows more than doctors, lawyers, computer specialists, dieticians, business analysts, animal trainers, politicians, etc. Every thing we are doing is wrong and nobody is ever quite as smart as he is. And if you succumb to one of his ideas and it fails, it wasn’t that he was wrong, it was that you didn’t do it right.

    But at the end of the day, he is also a fiercely faithful friend, so what do you do?

    Thanks for a chuckle!


    • Hmmm…sounds like someone I know too. Maybe we have the same friend?! Seriously, I don’t think there’s anything to do if you have a real friend who fits this phrase. But I am in awe of where the marvelous fount of self-confidence for these people comes from. I can be right, know I’m right beyond all doubt, and still be hesitant to express my opinion if I’m going up against someone who’s a stronger personality…I’m not one to seek conflict, so maybe that’s part of it too…these people who are always right don’t seem to mind if their opinion puts them against the world. Good luck with your friend! Sheila

      PS…the very fact that you can admit that you’ve been wrong means this phrase does not describe you. This is for the real hard-core people who could never bring themselves to admit error!


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