Saturday and the livin’ is easy

It’s been a beautiful Saturday in Ketchikan, Alaska…one of the postcard days that everyone should see here…and so few do! I always feel sorry for the cruise ship tourists who have one day to see the community and have to spend it under umbrellas and rain coats.

But I digress…the past three days here have been amazing. When the sky is clear and blue, the water takes on the same hue and the sun feels HOT. Surprising for springtime in Alaska, but the sun streaming in through my sun room can actually warm the house to a comfortable temperature. And we’re still in March!

The perfect spring weather has been the perfect backdrop to a perfect lazy Saturday. Slept in (7:00 am, thank you!), always a treat to a 5:00 am weekday riser. Had a morning coaching call with my life coach, then a hearty brunch with Rob. We progressed to a few chores around the house, then a workout, grocery stop, and finally, back home to catch up on some online work before ending our day with pizza and a movie. Now, if this is not your idea of perfect, I understand. I’ve had more exciting days for sure. But what is more rewarding, in the big picture, than to realize that the mundane tasks of life can still be fun and that the slow pace of a casual Saturday is just right when you have a loved one to wake with, eat with, run errands with?

We anticipate the big moments in life; special days, exotic vacations, beginnings…relationships, jobs, births, adventures….we mark the calendar with the dates to remember. But we don’t count the most important days of all…the everydays, the working days, the Saturdays that fill the years with the ordinary and the wonderful.

Next Saturday, I’ll have my usual list of things to do. But I’ll take a moment to mark the special day that occurs only 52 times a year. And maybe the sun will be shining again.

4 thoughts on “Saturday and the livin’ is easy

  1. Hey Sheila, Hi to Rob. I’d love to hear more about your life coaching experience. Gina and I have been dabbling a bit in doing some coaching. Ive been coaching some for CO Juvenille Probation. Glad you’ve had warmth. Enjoying your heart!


    • Hi Terry,

      Thanks for reading! I’d be happy to share about the life coaching. I’m actually working with my sister-in-law, may seem strange to work with a family member for this type of thing, but it has actually been really useful. We didn’t have to spend a lot of time getting to know each other. And as she says, coaching is not therapy…it is not for someone dealing with mental illness or personality disorders, etc. It is very focused on helping the client to clarify and to set goals for life objectives. It also provides a mechanism for accountability. I’m finding it a wonderful tool for re-directing some things in my life.

      JeannaLynn has just completed a training course of a multi-step process for formal credentialing in the field of life coaching. I don’t know the specifics of the organization she has worked with for her training, but I’m sure she would be happy to share with you. I’ll forward your email address to her and ask her contact you. Her husband has been a full time minister for the Yukon C of C for many years, and they recently left that full time work to concentrate together on marriage ministry and for JeannaLynn, life coaching.

      Good luck if you decide to pursue it…I think you guys would be wonderful in this type of role, especially given your long ministry, teaching and mentoring involvements.

      Hey to Gina!



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