A shared sunset, Kauai, HI, 2010

Rob is driving down the West Coast. He’s taking his truck to Prescott, AZ, where we have an RV stored. I’ll travel down next week and join him for the last couple of days’ drive.

But tonight he’s enjoying a sunset without me. I’m on the coast of Alaska; he’s on the coast of California. He sends me a text, “Beautiful sunset.”

The front windows of the house look out on the waters of the Tongass Narrows, and we’re fortunate to enjoy sunsets any day it’s not raining. Some are more photo-worthy than others, of course. You don’t get the perfect scene every day!

But the most important component of memorable sunsets is not the view. It’s the viewers. My favorite viewing partner is a long way from me tonight. Sometimes life is like that, and you have to watch a few sunsets on your own.

I’m looking forward to next week, to seeing the sunset in Arizona. Together.

If you’re fortunate enough to be with your sunset viewing partner, enjoy! And if not, like me, you have something to anticipate. Here’s to the good stuff, and best of all, recognizing the good stuff when it happens.

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