Taking the plunge

Skydive in Central New York (CNY) at Blue Sky ...

What a view!

What do you give for a memorable birthday present, to truly mark the moment? Well, there’s no one right answer. But for Rob, who’s birthday is today, it had to be an experience. He always says he values experience more than things, and anyway, as most people have sorted out by 50, there are only so many things a person needs. He’s not one to collect status symbols, or to collect anything, for that matter.

Since we’re in California, it’s easy to focus on the outdoors, another love of his. So I planned a day of:

~early morning walk on the beach

~favorite breakfast

~11:00 AM reservation for tandem skydives…yes, we’re taking the plunge!

~afternoon birthday cake

~Sushi for dinner

~Day’s end in a jacuzzi under the stars

Happy Birthday to Rob, my one and only. And may this be the beginning of the best years of your life!

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8 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

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  2. Happy Birthday Rob, you always did walk a different path, and I always was amazed at your insight for one so young. I am so happy that Sheila planned a memorable day for you. I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane once. Hope your experience was much better than mine.
    Wishing you and Sheila all the best.


    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a memorable day!
      Our jump experience was mostly good…surreal, but good! I don’t know if I could have gone through with it if I hadn’t been attached to the tandem guy who jumped with me. The few seconds of standing in front of the open door of the plane were the most unnerving, but once I was out it was amazing.

      Take care! I enjoy seeing your fb posts.



  3. Wow!! What a day of “Experiences” – very impressive!!

    Not to mention, Memorable!! Year 2041 on 80th birthday, Grandkids to Papa Bear – “So what do you remember about your 50th birthday?” PB – “Your ??? (Sheila/grandma) pushed me out of an airplane!”
    ~ Way to go Sheila!!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy 50th Birthday, Rob!


    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! I was happy that he didn’t back out when he saw the diving school! I think he was afraid I was after the insurance money, but then he realized I was jumping too,so he knew it wasn’t a plot!



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