Time Out

It’s been over a week since I posted anything on my blog…work has been busy; I’m learning new processes, gearing up for a completely different position. But I can’t really say that has been a significant cause for not blogging. I’ve been in a quiet place in my thoughts, and after a few days of rest, or rather, a different focus in my evenings, have recognized that it is better that I blog when I have something to say, rather than posting for the sake of consistency.

There is value to self-discipline, to being in a routine and having rhythm to writing. But that’s true with most things in life: order and structure are beneficial to thought, to work, to relationships.

Finding balance is also a goal, and a worthy one. I have no difficulty granting myself down time on vacation, but it’s harder to give that gracefully when I’m at home.

So this is a post about all the things I’ve been doing on my time out. I think there is value here. It’s a reminder that productivity takes many forms. In the past week I:

Attended a 50th birthday dinner
Made dinner for friends
Listened to university lectures on C S Lewis, Winston Churchill, and world history on my iPod
Ran numerous errands, worked, did all my regular chores
Planned upcoming trips
Went for a picnic at the beach
Saw a black bear fishing for salmon at a local fishing spot
Made homemade pizza, shepherd’s pie, and banana pudding
Did some reading on re-balancing at mid-life
Watched the city fireworks display (delayed because the weather for 4th of July was foggy and rainy)

This coming week I plan to write again, and I’ll do other things as well. No one gets to have a single-focused life. We’re all multi-taskers most of the time. But just as a vacation away makes home all the sweeter, so a week off my blog has allowed me to miss it, to miss connecting with other bloggers, to miss having the exercise of creativity in my evening routine.

I want to use my blog to think out loud, to put into a visible form the experiences and beliefs that shape my life. To do that with some regularity is my goal. And so, I commit to it, just as I’ve committed to other choices that I deem important. And to encourage me, to inspire me, I’ll keep these two thoughts before me:

“The difference in who you are and who you want to be is what you do.”
“Self discipline is remembering what you really want.”

One thought on “Time Out

  1. You … did a lot in that week. Think of all your new blogging topics!!

    PS — I’ve taken most of the last week off, too, and, like you, I’ve missed my writing and other writers, you included.

    Cheers! MJ


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