Satisfaction and Super Woman

There are many types of satisfaction in life, and today, I’m focusing on the satisfaction of acquiring organization tools. Or really any type of tool.  Mind you, this doesn’t extend to using. I’m talking about the simple joy of purchasing, downloading, discovering, and yes, I’ll even include listing as a source of satisfaction.
You see, there’s the satisfaction of doing…the “I’m exhausted but really glad that job is done!” feeling. There’s the joy of creating…”I’m really quite clever, after all!” And there’s the pleasure…truly, it’s almost the best…of acquisition. You know, the feeling you have when you find the thing, the app, the tool, that’s going to streamline all your work. Organize your stuff. Manage your clutter. Enhance your life.
I noticed this phenomena decades ago when I was a young mom and into crafts with my kids (and without them…I can admit, here and now, that some of the crafts I enjoyed were just for ME). I realized that buying the supplies was almost as fulfilling as actually doing the project. That’s continued in other areas of my life. When I buy paint and brushes and masking tape, I feel as if I’ve done the paint job, when really, I’ve only selected and purchased. Without one drop of paint leaving the can, I have an enormous feeling of accomplishment. How cool is that?
I recognize the same force at work when I find a new app for my phone or iPad. (I try not to do this with apps I have to pay for…you know, it adds up!) Some app gets great reviews for organization tools, or calendaring, or photo editing, and I download right away, as if the work of organizing or photo editing is magically done just with the click of a button. Why is that? I certainly understand that a download does not equal a completed project. But never mind, the main thing is…I’ve got the app, and I can use it any minute. Any time I choose. Any minute now.
The magic works with lists I make in my planner. Somehow, writing a chore or errand down gives me a sense of completion. Not quite as much as checking off my list, but still, the thrill is there.
With all this effort at being organized, am I? Well, I certainly like to think so. I certainly am in some parts of my life. (Don’t ask my husband about this, we do NOT see eye to eye here.) But like an addict, I’m always on the hunt for the next best thing that will make me invincible, powerful, on time…no, no, I’m not really trying to be a super-hero. Just a woman who has it all together.
Judging from the availability of tools for organizing, I’m in good company. We’re either all really obsessed, or really tidy. You know who you are. This is my attempt to  set the record straight and acknowledge my fixation.
Well, well, well…I see from my lists I’m a bit behind. Must finish a task or two so I can mark them off. Now to find my marker…must be around here somewhere…think I need an app for that…how to find anything in your house. I could make a fortune! I’ll just add that to my list…

4 thoughts on “Satisfaction and Super Woman

  1. Oh Sheila…This is too funny! I can soooo relate to this. During the homeschooling season of my life, I would get such satisfaction at the begining of each new school year when I had finished plotting out each child’s schedule for that year. Why, it was as if our 280 days of schooling were completed already!
    Thanks for all of your encouragement through your engaging writings.


    • I’m so often guilty of this behavior! I do get around to using the things I buy, but I’ve noticed I can be very focused on doing some new project through the collecting/gathering phase, and then, once my supplies are in hand, I really have to motivate myself all over again to get started. Why do we do this?! Funny!

      Glad I’m not the only one!



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