Song for the season

Just found this recording of Silent Night by Enya, from her album And Winter Came, 2008. Beautiful! I’ve been a fan of hers for many years (thanks to my brother, Steve, for introducing me to her amazing music, many moons ago). She performs with a Gaelic children’s choir. I heard this playing yesterday as I was busily working on some holiday projects…literally stopped me in my tracks. Hope you enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Song for the season

    • Thank you Renee! I’m not quite ready to be done blogging for the year, or with reading…I have some catching up to do! I miss seeing what others are saying when I get busy and out of my regular rhythm! But this weekend I’m taking a time out and getting ready to enjoy a slow pace for a few days. See you on your site! ~ Sheila


  1. I’ve loved Enya since the early ’90’s. A film friend introduced her music to us by way of a video he did for us. (He included her music on it.) It was awesome and this is a beautiful “Silent Night” I had not heard. Lovely.


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