In Between

I’m in the land of in between. That is, I’ve left my last permanent home, and I’m not sure of where the next will be. That’s ok, and was part of the plan. Now that I’m here, temporarily situated in a small apartment, thinking about next consumes a lot of my time and energy. I’m working, finishing some projects that I’d begun for this small clinic, so I’m busy enough. But after hours and on weekends, the task is to focus, to research, to outline.

We’ve had a nomadic course through life, staying put in some locations for years…I think 12 years was the longest time we lived in one location. Other places were home for two, or three, or five years. We’ve roamed about the country, sampling different regions and climates, and there’s been good about most of our choices.

Now, I’m feeling the pull of family again, feeling the need for a road system, and for a choice that can serve for the years to come.

Closing in the on the year, the goal is simple: pick a ferry date for January, and a plan for driving out. We’ll keep work going in Alaska, but it’s time to invent a new formula for living. And that means a new location for the down time.

We’re looking for four seasons, a soft winter climate, something on the western side of the country. Looking for a smaller community but with access to a regional airport. We’ve considered everything from Sonoma County, CA to Lane County, OR, to Walla Walla, WA, to Grand Junction, CO…and we’re still looking, still sorting.

So, anyone have a suggestion? Where would you choose to live if you could go anywhere?

“Even the smallest actions are steps in the right direction.”    

“This is the beginning of anything you want.”

11 thoughts on “In Between

  1. All the choices you listed sound wonderful!
    I’m envious of your position…I think I have a little gypsy in me and would love to stick my finger on the map and move there!
    Montana, Oregon, Washington are probably my top 3 picks.


    • Thanks for the input Denise! We are looking at Oregon and a few other states…it’s an interesting challenge at our phase of life…I still feel young enough to do it…just that all the drivers of these decisions from our earlier life have changed or ended, so now we have to create our own filters. Not that I’m complaining! ~ Sheila


    • Yes, we lived there about five years and have great memories and friends who are still there…a plus!..still up in the air about what to do, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something! ~ Sheila


  2. I would carefully consider before making the CA move. CA is in 5th gear, overdrive, over the cliff. Vast numbers of businesses are leaving the state because of over taxation and/or an over regulating nanny state… Not sour grapes, or a political statement, just stating a fact. Having said that, kind of a snarky/funny joke (from Sonoma) on the Napa/Sonoma wine rivalry. “In Sonoma we make wine, in Napa, they make auto parts”.


    • Thank you for the advice! Yes, I know the issues you’re talking about. I am concerned about the financial climate and the drought…although I know drought is not necessarily something to make this decision on! There’s a lot to think about. If we do head to CA, I know we would not rush into buying anything…probably give ourselves some time to see what we think before taking that leap. ~ Sheila


  3. Sweet Home (Linn County), Oregon. Beautiful rolling forested hills dotted with fields, Santiam river,, Foster and Green Peter lakes close by. Long, warm, sunny summers. Lazy fall, Mild winter Very little snow, (stays for a few days), Average rainfall, 54 in. Early, mild spring (start the garden around the first of March). No matter the time of year the grass is always green. 90 miles to Portland (regional airport), 45 to Eugene, 31 to Albany. 38 to Corvallis. 54 to Salem, 89 to Newport (ocean beach) 95 to Bend (on the east side of the Cascades). Almost always calm, quiet, peaceful. Birds chirp, frogs croak (at night). No misquotes, ticks or gnats, Lots of honey bees. We live in a peaceful little valley (with a stream and pond) that’s less than a mile from the center of town (pop 8,500), But we have to drive (or walk) over a little forested hill to see or hear it.

    My wife conducts a business on the internet (she designs, produces and sells very artistic cross stitching and needlepoint patterns & canvases to people all over the world). Our daughter (11) is home schooled and does most of her coursework on the internet. As a result, her latest test scores (taken a few months ago), show her to be the equivalent of a senior in high school in science, and a junior in college in language arts. She is also a member of a local 4H group, and is the principal caretaker of our small herd of goats, sheep, alpacas (and one llama). Gray’s Anatomy is her favorite TV series, and she spends most of her ‘spare’ time studying biology and anatomy with the expectation of becoming a surgeon as quickly as that is possible. Toward that end she has arranged to begin working as a part-time ‘surgical assistant’ at the local veterinary clinic beginning this coming January (after her 12th birthday, which is their minimum age requirement).

    In short, ‘Sweet Home’ lives up to its name in all regards; i.e., peaceful, beautiful and casual…yet at the same time tends to foster one’s potential for creative (outside the box) thinking, and hands-on accomplishment. But perhaps most important of all…it provides an environment that is easily sustainable if/when ‘toyland’ begins to crumble, and our urban ‘hives’ begin to swarm. But of course that won’t happen in this lifetime. Right?

    But in any case, before you make your final decision as to when and where to go…and especially whether or not ‘sustainability’ (vs. sub/urban vulnerability) will be a significant factor in making that decision…do take the time to watch (in its entirety) what you will see if you click here…


    • William, what a great vote for your community! Sounds like a post card! I looked it up on the map…not too far from Lane County, which we’ve spent some time in…I don’t know that we ever made it to Linn County…our loss! Thank you for sharing the information. I’m trying to create a short list of possibilities that we can check out in the new year, and this looks like a good addition to the places I’m already considering! Most we’ve visited, but it’s different to spend time on vacation vs looking at the things that make a place really livable. So some work to do in person yet! But thankfully we aren’t under time pressure, other than our own desire to make this decision. I started watching the link but got interrupted. I will finish it though! Thank you for your thoughtful sharing! ~ Sheila


  4. never actually been West… North some …East some and South a lot!…
    I live in a great place actually… all four seasons… and none that bad…because they are only a couple of months…but, as I age…warm sounds really good… going to check out Savannah, GA soon…Have not let go of that draw for two years now…Best to you…on your choice…


    • Fun that you want to look at Savannah! I love it when a place charms me and makes me think about living there…always a good beginning! Well, I don’t know what our answer will be, but it’s good to have choices, and I remind myself that as long as I don’t buy a house right away, I can still change my mind if I decide I made a mistake! ~ Sheila


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