Happy today, doing the nothings of life,
Chores and errands feed me.
Who would have guessed that the simplest work
or the mundane round of the grocery store
could light up my face and warm my soul?
It is not the task that holds the magic,
but the companion.
And with you, boring is transformed to joy,
and simple becomes interesting.
With you, I am part of us,
And that is enough adventure
For me,
Wherever I am,
Whatever I am doing.

2 thoughts on “Us

  1. Doug and I were just sharing this concept with a young couple this past week. It is the enjoyment found in doing daily life together that creates contentment in marriage. I love your poetic format of these thoughts.


    • Thank you Ann…it truly is the simple things that are best, and the most sustainable…the big events of life are fun of course…but the grocery store days come around with astonishing regularity! Good thing I love the market, and the companionship! ~ Sheila


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