Birthday wishes

Today was my birthday, and I had a plethora of good wishes on my Facebook page, in my mail, via text, and even a few old fashioned phone calls to mark the occasion. I’m happy to say I did NOT jump out of an airplane (that was Rob’s birthday event this year, which I participated in because I couldn’t ask him to take a leap that I wouldn’t do myself). It was exciting to do the dive, but I think once in a lifetime will be enough of that activity for me, thanks very much.

Most of my wishes revolve around luxuries that I get to enjoy on a limited basis: massage, or shopping for a special item, or sometimes a vacation to a beach that has my name on it. But when someone asks me what I want for my birthday, I usually draw a blank. At that moment, I can’t think of a thing.

Well, this is a post-it note to myself for next year. This is what I really want.

~ I want to begin writing professionally. Not sure I’m good enough for that, but I want to look for ways to grow and stretch; I want to use the tools I have and the tools I can acquire to change the way I earn my living, and ultimately, the way I live.

~ I want to do a coast-to-coast road trip and play games along the way…eat in funky little places, stay in romantic old inns, visit the out-of-the-way parks and sites, and avoid the major attractions. I want just enough structure to give a general direction, and enough serendipity about the trip to be surprised by detours and finds along the way.

~ I want to learn another language. I took years of French and never really used it, and of course long ago lost what I knew. If you don’t use it you lose it…maybe this time I’ll try Italian? (This is about challenge and fun, I don’t expect to be posting in Italian a year from now!)

~ I’ve had quite a year in the past twelve months. I want to build on the things I’ve learned, the changes I’ve already made, to add more adventure, curiosity, margin, and creativity to my life.

I have a lot of wishes for other people, ones that I’ll be working on fulfilling. I’m better at knowing what I want to do for others than what I need for myself. So today I thought about it, and this is my very own to-do list for the coming year.

Here’s to birthdays, to days that make us think, and to the good stuff life has to offer. My birthday challenge to myself, and to anyone who cares to take me up on it for their own list: next year on this day, I’ll review this and see what I’ve been able to accomplish. I have a whole year…think there’s time for a little ice cream to celebrate! But I’ll have to get started soon. It may take a while to get an Italian accent down with my southern/mid-west/Colorado/Alaskan background.

10 thoughts on “Birthday wishes

    • Love this! As a self-described quote-a-holic, I’m always on the lookout for pithy, clever, or touching quotations. Audrey Hepburn had a number of great quotes. As I’ve read more of her words, I have developed a greater appreciation of her as a person, separate from her as an amazing actress and a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t heard this one before! ~Sheila


    • Hey, I love lists, regardless of the year. I’m one of those people that finds lists comforting!
      I love French, and the times I’ve been to France I’ve had a rekindled interest in really learning the language. But I’m also drawn to Italian, and I never even dabbled in that. What I mostly need is to plan a trip to give me incentive!

      Thanks for the birthday comments! Sheila


    • Thank you! I hope it will be an eventful and fun year to work through my list. Not that I anticipate that these ambitions will be completed within a year. But I hope to make progress and to be able to look back and see the progress. You know how we list makers are…always needing something to check off, whether it’s the grocery list or the life list!

      Thanks for the good wishes! Sheila


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