December Saturday

Saturday afternoon in Craig is a bit quiet. In a small apartment that is not my own, there isn’t much inspiration or much of a to-do list. I’ve got some writing projects I’m working on, but I can only focus for so long at one stretch.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m ready for a break is to catch up on reading. I read blogs, read email, pull up a book in progress on my Kindle. I sometimes look for new quotes and inspiration for blog posts. Inspiration comes from everywhere…and inspiration is whatever catches my interest, makes me smile, the thing that touches my heart or rouses my curiosity.

This week I saw this (thanks to my friend Doug):

Religion is a guy at church thinking about fishing. Worship is a guy out fishing thinking about God. ~ John Fischer

And I found this:


I always wonder if the quotes I post resonate with others or if they seem trite or simplistic. But whatever…they speak to me, and if these words don’t speak to you…well, that’s just the difference in people. Not right, not wrong, just different.

Words are powerful; they have the ability to heal and encourage. Words can also be negative. I’m careful about what I allow to lodge in my thoughts. I would rather have a store of sayings and quotes in my head that can add to my support when I need it, whether they sound corny or not. The truth is that just as we are what we eat, we also are (or become) what we think.

I don’t always feel positive. Who does? No one I know. But I’m learning, I’m growing, one phrase at a time, one encouraging story at a time.

Quiet Saturdays…well, with a good book in hand, or with an Internet connection…you can find inspiration. It isn’t geographic, you know. Inspiration is everywhere. Hope you find some in your world, wherever you are.

14 thoughts on “December Saturday

  1. I love this post, Sheila! Specifically because I really appreciate quotes. They add something to my life – something that stays with me when I need a reality check. When I need to “make some lemonade” or I just need something to make me smile.

    Keep em coming. I appreciate them!



    • Thanks for the vote of confidence with regard to the quotes!

      And thank you for the blog awards! I truly appreciate the honor! And when I saw from your post that you received these awhile back…well, it takes the pressure off a bit to just respond in good time. I want to put thought into these, and life is about to speed up again. But soon, I’ll get these posts done! Thank you, MJ!


  2. Quotes have always been important to me. I remember, as a teenager, having a composition book where I’d jot down every quote I found that meant something to me.
    Both of the ones you mentioned are good, but that first one is magnificent.
    And you’re so right: I’ve found much inspiration amongst my blogging friends – “present company” included!


    • Thank you, Dianna! I keep a quote journal too. There are many great ones out there, but there are a few that have truly shaped my life. Neither of these…just saw these…but these are keepers too!

      ~ Sheila


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