Obsessed champion

This week I gave myself a new title. I am an obsessed champion! This is a new term to me. Have you noticed how corporate entities embrace favorite trendy words…you know, the terms that you’ve never heard before, until suddenly, you hear them at every meeting, every week? I’ve been out of the corporate fold the last few months, and am back now doing a stretch of relief work. It is possible that this is the new buzz word, and I’m just late hearing it. Or maybe this is unique to the organization I’m working for. Either way, I thought it had a certain charm. “Obsessed champion” is just someone who is very focused, and very excited about…something. I met this term in the context of a new program being rolled out soon in my region, and employees will be recruited to be “obsessed champions,” spreading enthusiasm to the rest of the staff. Sort of like spreading a virus, only with positive impact.

I plan to make this a flexible title for myself. I’m not going to squander it on a one-shot deal, or some program being rolled out at work. Oh no, I’m saving this for things that are really noteworthy in life: the most decadent dessert, or a great new book; a nifty do-it-yourself skill, or some amazing new product. I can think of a lot of potential uses.

Wonder how this will look on my business card?

10 thoughts on “Obsessed champion

    • Well, I haven’t decided if I’m really brave enough to put this out there on a card…would that make me seem fun, or strange?! Still wondering about that one! Or maybe I should put it on a card and only give that one out when I’m sure the recipient has a sense of humor?!


  1. That’s a fantastic title! I might have to steal it 🙂 I had a teacher in college who had a bunch of crazy titles on her business cards like “PR Godess”. I thought she was brilliant, but never had the nerve to start calling myself that too. Oh well, maybe one day 🙂


    • Oh, I like PR Godess! Or anything like that! Sassy and yet a subtle way of poking fun at yourself…and I love it when business cards are unusual, a little irreverent. I think one of our biggest issues is that we take ourselves too seriously. We should take a lot of things seriously…but it’s good to be able to laugh at myself! Steal away, I borrowed this myself, as I said in the post!


    • Well, depends on the subject! But mostly I thought it was fun, and a bit of a way to poke fun at myself. Who knows, I might really put it on a business card! Still thinking about that one! ~ Sheila


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