Hello September!

I know the official start to fall is still ahead of us, but for me, that’s always been the first day of September, so here we are again: in the season of falling leaves and pumpkins and apple crisps and cozy soups. These are a few of my favorite things.

Normally I would be pulling out autumn decor, moving my summer season look to the back of the cupboard and putting out the accents that hint at chill in the air and the smell of wood fires. But at the moment all of that stuff is boxed and I can’t bring myself to unearth it just yet.

I countered the offer I got last week and should have an answer by Wednesday. If the counter offer is rejected, that’ll be soon enough to pull out a few things to bring some fall color to the rooms. After all, the house will still be on the market, and selling is about staging, right? So it will be worth doing a little work to set the right tone. The goal is to have anyone who sees the house imagine themselves living here. And how could anyone do that in September without a little fall foliage to add some color?

In best September form, the sun is warm and strong today, the light lingering and offering hope that the fall rains won’t begin until October. Of course, no month in Ketchikan is free from rainfall. But some years September is an extension of summer, and others it feels like November.

I’m always tempted to look at school supplies in the fall, though I don’t have kids at home now. I look at the school lists in the stores and remember how many years we did that, stocking up and getting ready for the first big day of the new grades. Must run in the family. I know my mom and my daughter are school supply lovers too…just something about a pristine new notebook or box of crayons that have all their tips intact.

I think the calendar year should begin in September instead of January. It would take so much pressure off that month, and the holiday season in general. Maybe we should sign a petition?

Here’s hoping for good weather, a house sold, and the magic of fall, all coming together this week. I could really get excited about that. And it would be a small miracle, especially the house piece. But I’m open to that.

Fall bouquet

Fall bouquet



10 thoughts on “Hello September!

  1. I still so love a new box of crayons, fresh notebooks, pencils and such! While walking past all that the other day I almost caved and bought the big 96’er box! I love the smell and look of brand new crayons. You know what? Next chance I get, gonna get me that big box! πŸ˜ƒ I still love to color.
    That right party is going to come along and buy that house of yours…things just need to fall into place for them. Meanwhile, praying it happens soon. πŸ™


    • Thank you! You always have something cheerful to say, and I need that spirit right now! Just spending some time catching up on all things blog tonight, so I apologize for being slow to respond to your comment! I hope you’re doing well. I’ve missed my blogging corner of the world the past several weeks…just too preoccupied! But love catching up and seeing familiar names! Happy fall, and enjoy the new crayons! ~ Sheila


    • Hey, I think it’s the perfect time to begin the year…just think how many years of conditioning we all have that September and a new school year is a new start. Hope your fall is off to a great start! ~ Sheila


  2. Yes… the start of school and fall. I too am past the days of school shopping and filling my boys’ backpacks (with a little extra love added.) I have found a way to recapture some of that and do a good deed: I buy school supplies for Operation: Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse! I hope that things get settled with your house soon. Not knowing (and waiting patiently) is the hardest part in my mind. Until you know for sure what your next step is… enjoy the start of Fall!


    • Thank you for the positive thoughts on the house. I’m in wait and see mode, but I’m sure it won’t last forever. At least I hope not!
      Great idea on the school supplies. I’ve done some of that now and then…usually add a few things to my cart to deposit in the bins that local organizations have set up at WalMart or Safeway. It is a good feeling to buy a few of the familiar things and know some child is going to benefit! ~ Sheila


  3. Hoping with you that your counter offer will be accepted!
    You always have been the best at celebrating every season,
    especially fall. Mmmmm…I can almost taste your rustic apple pie
    you bake on your pizza stone. Your Mississippi Spice Mini Muffins are another one of our favorite fall recipes from you. Matter of fact, almost all of our favorite fall recipes are from you! Thanks!


    • Thank you Ann! I have such wonderful memories of fall from our days in GJ! I always loved the change of seasons there. Wish I could share some muffins with you and meet your sweet little grands in person! But one of these days, right?! ~ Sheila


  4. I heard a quote recently that went something like, “Never say anything about yourself that you don’t want to be true…” so on the house selling we’ll just say “the house will sell and soon.” πŸ™‚ MJ


    • Thank you for the positive words! I need to find that attitude too. Usually that’s my default…this situation has really tested my sunny side spirit! But I know it will be ok, sooner or later. I’ll just have to adopt your phrase as my mantra! Good to have friends to remind me of who I really want / need to be! ~ Sheila


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