What are you feeding yourself?

A slice of home-made bread pudding.

Comfort food

Had a hard day today. So I fed myself on a few important things:

  • loving support of some key family members
  • read some uplifting words
  • laughed at a joke
  • had a beautiful dessert of bread pudding, caramel sauce, and cinnamon ice cream
  • snuggled up with a warm blankie and hot tea
  • worked on developing a new blog idea
  • promised myself tomorrow would be better because I’m worth it                                                                                                                          What are you feeding yourself today?

3 thoughts on “What are you feeding yourself?

  1. Wow!! What a post – I can taste your dessert, I can feel the comfort of your blanket and tea, and I can hear your strength is choosing to make tomorrow a better day!!
    I appreciate you so very much!! I love your blog and the trueness it brings out in our lives!!
    Keep up the good work – I can’t wait to hear about your new blog idea!!


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